"Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams," wrote Paul Gauguin in the last century. Fernand Leger said, "Man needs color to live; its just as necessary an element as fire and water." And Chagall said, "Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music, and everything is vibration." Throughout our evolution, color has always played a vital part, creating harmony in the world and impacting health, wellness and every day living. Today, Gillian C. Rose, a New York-based interior designer and color scientist has taken her company The Science of Color to a new level by expanding her services. Rose emphasizes the importance of selecting the right colors for your life and environment- and more importantly knowing what colors are best for suited for you or your environment. "As a color scientist, influences affecting color are a part of who I am," says Rose. "Social and political issues, our environment, the economy and cultural diversity, all contribute to the sociology of color choices and inform us of our goals." Rose, a seasoned interior designer with clients across the globe ranging from a bank in Singapore, Weill Cornell Medicine, MoMA, corporate headquarters and private residences. Rose incorporates the Color of Science into her work by offering in-depth color consultations, which stress the fundamentals of color science for built environments. Questions such as "What is Color from a psychological understanding?" to "How do we recognize and under-stimulated room?" are all part of Rose's in-depth analysis in her consultation. Rose also administers a simple color test to better understand her clients personalities. "Imagine having a color palette designed for you, says Rose. "One that reflects who you are, how you want to feel, one that supports your health & sanity - wouldn't you want that? That's what we do. We are as individual as each color." The Science of Color provides an essential and proven tool for creating healthier and happier of environments. For individuals or businesses looking to re-create themselves, The Science of Color provides a simple & intuitive way to enhance any environment.

“Color consulting is the most fascinating work. It involves the sciences and the senses, intuition and cognition, and is equally fluent and static”.

Thesis topic: The Use of Color in Sacred Space

Color Consultation – Expert guidance on how to use the elements of color, light, form, pattern and texture to create a harmonious, balanced, functional design that supports human health and well-being. Design goals are reached using scientifically-based reasoning and analysis techniques tailored specifically for each unique client. Staging Consultation - Guidance for agents and sellers on how to stage your home so you can sell it fast! Design/Redesign Consultation - Recommendations on space planning, furniture selection, accessorizing and beyond. Association Affiliations - IACC-NA Associate; ASID Industry Partner, IDS Associate

Having a passion for color, art and design since I was young has always pushed me to expand my creative side. Since earning my BFA in Interior Design in 1992, my focus has primarily been Residential Design. In 2011, I began working for an architectural firm as a Commercial Interior Designer. Although the two fields offer different design challenges, I consider the human response to color as the same for each. I strive to reflect this in my artwork as well. As I discover more, it is my desire to help others understand the significance of color, and teach them to think about the impact of color in our surroundings and in our lives. Being a creative-left-brained person, (or is that a logical-right-brain??) I was thrilled to discover the IACC and its scientific approach to color! During the time I attended the seminars, the IACC celebrated their 50th Anniversary. I was honored and privileged to have one of my seminar assignments chosen to display at the event in Salzburg, Austria. I became an Associate Member of the IACC-NA in 2008 and am currently researching for my thesis. In 2012 I joined the Board as Vice President and was voted in as President in 2013. It is a pleasure to serve with my fellow board members for such an amazing organization! Please note that I currently do not consult outside of the architect firm where I work.

The fastest way to instantly create change in a room is through color, and a fresh coat of paint works wonders! If you are living in a dull or unappealing space because you are afraid to make a wrong choice, Lauri Hafvenstein can help. An Associate Member professionally trained by the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC), Lauri believes that every consultation is a collaboration. Together, you'll narrow down choices to find colors you love that harmonize with other elements in your space and create just the right feeling for your home. A partner in the firm Old House Loves, LLC, Lauri is especially passionate about choosing appropriate colors for older and historic homes.