“Color consulting is the most fascinating work. It involves the sciences and the senses, intuition and cognition, and is equally fluent and static”.

Robin de Gennaro Grant is an interior designer and architectural color consultant. She is co-principal of the architecture and interior design firm, Grant + Grant, based in Los Angeles. Robin is a certified interior designer in the state of California and NCIDQ accredited.

Thesis topic: The Use of Color in Sacred Space

Lori Sawaya, Color Strategist

Color Strategist | Camp Chroma Trainer | Master the Practical Application of Extraordinary Color Expertise | Interior designers | Color Consultants | Home Stagers | Paint Pro's | | Color Strategist specializing in architectural color consultation, color order systems, and colorimetry. Favorite color systems are Munsell, NCS, and The Master Palette found at The Home Depot.

Having a passion for color, art and design since I was young has always pushed me to expand my creative side. Since earning my BFA in Interior Design in 1992, my focus has primarily been Residential Design. In 2011, I began working for an architectural firm as a Commercial Interior Designer. Although the two fields offer different design challenges, I consider the human response to color as the same for each. I strive to reflect this in my artwork as well. As I discover more, it is my desire to help others understand the significance of color, and teach them to think about the impact of color in our surroundings and in our lives. Being a creative-left-brained person, (or is that a logical-right-brain??) I was thrilled to discover the IACC and its scientific approach to color! During the time I attended the seminars, the IACC celebrated their 50th Anniversary. I was honored and privileged to have one of my seminar assignments chosen to display at the event in Salzburg, Austria. I became an Associate Member of the IACC-NA in 2008 and am currently researching for my thesis. In 2012 I joined the Board as Vice President and was voted in as President in 2013. It is a pleasure to serve with my fellow board members for such an amazing organization! Please note that I currently do not consult outside of the architect firm where I work.

Using my experience as a Professional Merchandiser, Interior designer, Apparel Buyer and Graphic artist; I am able to select color and transform your space into something wonderful; blending practical functionality with the appropriate color palette to intentionally surround you with a pleasing environment. Applying the elements of Color Psychology, we work to achieve the most potential out of your space. I began my career with Nordstrom early on, which set me on a path to understanding what it takes to provide outstanding customer service with an attention to detail. OUR MISSION: To skillfully and intentionally modify an environment so that people become engaged, delighted and richly satisfied -- to surround them with an experience that goes beyond the ordinary and breathes contentment into their everyday lives. Copyright 2014. Intentional Surroundings.