The Color Consultant

Services of the accredited IACC color consultant/designer are an asset

The Importance of Specialized Training

Color is an essential element in any design. The establishment of the IACC and its training program would not have been necessary if design with color were just a matter of decoration. Color, and human reaction to color, includes much more than understanding aesthetic trends. The subject of color can be approached from many different perspectives and disciplines that at first glance may seem unrelated. Color theory, technology, biology, philosophy, psychology, sociology and art are all aspects of the nature of color. In the human experience of color, all of these disciplines are interrelated, and from the standpoint of designing the man-made environment, they are all involved.

Color and light are major factors in the architectural environment. Thanks to sophisticated techniques of research and analysis, we now know that color affects cortical activation (brain waves), functions of the autonomic nervous system, and hormonal activity, and that color arouses definite emotional and aesthetic associations.

This is where the work of the professionally trained color consultant/designer assumes its responsibility. When we understand the complexity of using color in the built environment, it becomes evident that color consulting/design is a profession in its own right, and must be subject to the same high standards found in all other professions demanding proof of competency.

IACC’s Unique Response: Interdisciplinary training for the educated application of color

IACC’s training of color consultants/designers goes far beyond the traditional training in color that is received in architecture or interior design schools.

Traditional color training covers primarily color theory. The core curriculum of IACC’s training provides an in-depth exploration of all facets of color, from color in marketing to color psychology and the creation of optimum architectural environments. Our interdisciplinary education is the best tool for achieving the most effective solutions to questions of color use in architecture, interiors, product development and marketing.

The IACC color professional is specially trained in the functional and the aesthetic application of color and the resulting human responses. The goal is to use color in the most effective way to create more user-supportive environments through the educated application of color.

St. Paul the Apostle Rectory Chapel, Los Angeles; Robin de Gennaro Grant