Who We Are

The International Association of Color Consultants/Designers – North America (IACC-NA)

We are the English-language chapter of the IACC (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers). We are based in the United States but are comprised of color professionals from around the world. Our membership consists of professionals who have chosen to become more educated about color, its proper application, and the human response it elicits. Knowledge, credibility, and validity set IACC-NA members apart from other color professionals by our commitment to integrating the art and science of color.

Our parent organization, the IACC, is one of the oldest color associations in the world and is the only one that accredits architects, interior designers, environmental designers, color psychologists, marketing specialists and other color professionals to carry the title of “IACC-Qualified Color Consultant/Designer.”

As part of the IACC, our task is twofold:

Accreditation through the IACC educational courses with the titles of “Associate Member” and “Accredited Member” if strict IACC qualification standards have been met. Those who practice color consulting/design without having met IACC qualifications are not recognized by the IACC or the IACC-NA as accredited color consultants/designers.

International representation of the profession by:

  1. Promoting an understanding of the necessity for functional color design.
  2. Advancing the profession of color consultant/designers through professional training, and the elevation of professional standards.
  3. Protection of the professional designation of “IACC-Qualified Color Consultant/Designer.”
Galerie Richelieu; Bernard Pepin
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